“U-hauling” is widely known in the gay community as lesbians moving in together way earlier than they should. We decided this was an opportunity to own that.


Product Extensions

U-Haul Key + Ring Box
One question. Five words. “Will you U-Haul with me?”

The Inevitable Breakup Coupon

Merch + Lifestyle

U-Haul Lifestyle Collection
Featuring classics like Doc Martens, flannels, and beanies

Cat Carrier
The perfect carrier for you, your girlfriend and your newly adopted cat!

Brand Partnerships

U-Haul x CoStar App
Astrology + Lesbians = Gay at a Glance Notification

U-Haul x NPR Tiny Truck Tour Series
The hottest summer concert series featuring gay musicians

Just U-Hauled Trucks

Because too soon or not, nothing commemorates the official move-in better than this getaway truck!

︎ Made with Eleanor Fialk