Grandma’s Book

A personal project about my grandma’s life

This project is a collection of visuals and stories about my grandmother’s life.

She and I might not always know how to communicate with each other in the same language, but we always find a way and we are always making each other laugh throughout theprocess. From a childhood of seeking refuge to an adulthood filled with uncertainty, my grandma is someone who has lived through multiple wars and has endured hardships that I cannot even begin to comprehend. It’s these experiences that ultimately brought her to America.

This is a story about my grandma but it’s also a story about me.

Excerpts (Click to enlarge)

An Introduction
Present Day, 2020

Growing Up During the Second Sino-Japanese War and WWII
1937 - 1945

The Money Belt

In Sickness and In Health
1950 - 1953

Polio Rampant in China

Single Mom in Macau
1962 - 1978

Love Letters
October 1967

Family Portrait
1976 - 1977

380 Broome Street
1979 - 2011

Late Honeymooners

50 Years of Love


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