Away is a brand that believes what you take with you matters. 1,200 children enter the foster care system everyday and their sense of home comes from their belongings. Yet when being displaced, they’re given just 10 minutes and a trash bag to pack up their homes.

The Away Home Collection is a specialty line of suitcases created to convert into furniture to ensure that foster children have a safe place to store what’s most important to them.

I. Suitcase Design

In designing this suitcase, we wanted to create a product that would meet both the functional and emotional needs of a foster child. We kept the traditional components of the Away suitcase and added 4 key features that would provide children with a sense of security and ownership in a time of uncertainty

Functional Features:

Wheels that fold in + legs that fold out
That way it’s also a piece of furniture

Drawers that pull out from suitcase
To feel more like a dresser for all of their belongings

Personal Features:

A “secret” compartment hidden below
To hideaway valued items or trinkets

Name tag for personalization
To give the child a sense of ownership

II. Creative Campaign

This campaign would launch in May as it is typically the start of travel season. Second, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month.

JFK Airport Stunt:

Away will take over a luggage carousel at the JFK airport mixing large stuffed trash bags with lugagge bags as a sobering message plays on a screen.

Sponsored Social Posts:

Luggage bags will replace with trashbags and drive users back to the Away website to learn more about this campaign.

Website Takeover:

A similar bait-and-switch tactic will be used to shock customers on the Away website to learn about why we are launching a new collection of suitcases for foster children.

Storefront Display:

At the NYC flagship location, trash bags would be on display in the windows with a CTA to passersby to come inside and find out more

III. Case Study Videos


Away partners with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to help foster care children in America feel a sense of home. For these children, the idea of home is often tied to their belongings. By thoughtfully designing a suitcase specifically for foster children, Away has an opportunity to bring dignity and stability to both their belongings and lives.

Away believes what you take with you matters. Your luggage should be your home between homes. For every 3 suitcases sold, 1 specialty Away Home suitcase will be produced by Away and distributed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to foster children in need.

︎ Made with Julia Scoper (CW), Rachael Sherman (ST), and Emily Thomas (CBM)