Aspercreme #HeelHacksTikToks

Aspercreme was an old-timey product trying to reach a fresh, new audience. We saw an opportunity to join the #HeelHacks trend on TikTok, numbing your heels to pain before a night out, with our Lidocaine Dry Spray product.

In 48 hours, we wrote, shot, and shipped a series of videos, which went on to garner over 30M views, triple our CTR goal, and increase sales 70%.



In a few short weeks, we increased brand awareness by over 4%. And our highest performing video “Life Hack” received 177K clicks and reached over 13MM views on the platform. Do I happen to star in said video and is this my (tiny) TikTok claim to fame? Perhaps it is.

Made at Terri & Sandy
Creative Directors: Mike Cicale & Todd Condie
Creatives: Joie Ha & Ashley Stinnett