Kick Pain In The Aspercreme

Building on the previous year’s Kick Pain in the Aspercreme campaign, this new work continues to kick ass in the otherwise boring category of topical pain relief. This time featuring even more hand-throwing, glass-shattering, table-turning, pain-kicking action than before.

OLV // Social // Digital

Inspired by classic action films, we also created short and punchy videos featuring famous movie quotes.

Additionally, we filmed behind-the-scenes content for Instagram and TikTok to showcase how all the stunt people on set relied on the pain-relieving powers of Aspercreme.

Made at Terri & Sandy

Role: Art Director
CW: Ashley Stinnett
ACD: Erynn Mattera, Mark Carlson
CD: Mike Cicale, Todd Condie
Producer: Daniel Maughan
Director: Nalle Sjöblad